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Compare Portable Pitching Mounds

Portable pitching mounds are a perfect training tool for pitchers at all levels and sizes. Whether you're looking for strictly practice use or in-game use, we have you covered. We even carry softball pitching mats with collegiate stripes and spikes for the ultimate practice tool.

To help you decide which is the best portable pitching mound for you, we created this helpful page in hopes you will know which portable mound, platform, or mat you need. Let's get started:

Mound or Platform

Not everyone needs a mound or a platform depending on the use. A mound is a more durable product and more closely replicates what a real pitching mound would provide in a game situation. With a longer stride surface, regulation slope, extended area by the rubber, and pick off opportunities, a pitching mound is what you will want if you want to get as close to MLB or competitive situations as possible.

If you're just looking for the right slope, durable surface, portability, and consistent training, then a pitching platform may be what you want. We carry a few pitching platforms that will suit your needs. These are lightweight, portable, durable, and consistent and provide pitchers with everything they need to help them build confidence on the mound..I mean platform.

Pitcher Size

Taking the pitcher's size and stride into consideration is important when selecting a portable pitching mound for your athlete. We carry youth, junior, and adult size mounds and the length will determine the performance you will get out of your mound. The mound height is one of the main considerations as well depending on the level of league you play in.

We carry 6", 8", and 10" mound delivery heights for whichever regulation size your players are in. Some of the mounds are available in multiple sizes while some only come in one size so look at the listing to find which size works for you and your athlete.

One-Piece or Two-Piece Construction

Many of our pitching mounds are available in either a one-piece or two-piece design depending on your needs and limitations with storage and portability. Both designs deliver the same high quality performance and have the same warranty on hand. The two-piece configurations typically are just easier to move around with less people and store easier in sheds or closets than the one-piece design.

But if its a one-piece solid construction you're after with no compromises then we offer those as well. Still lightweight, these are great portable pitching mounds for your practice facility or home.

Need Softball Training?

We recently started carrying portable softball pitching mats as well as our large selection of baseball products. These portable practice mats are made of durable composite material, come adorned with your choice of high-quality turf color, have extended lengths for realistic pitching situations, you can choose your mat with spikes or not, and even choose to have collegiate stripes on the mat or not as well.

These high-quality pitching mats are endorsed by Coach Toni Paisley, a 3x college champion and pro softball pitcher. You can use these mats on multiple surfaces and roll them up with ease after use. These are some of the best softball pitching practice tools in the game ready to be shipped to your door today.


Hopefully after reading this page you have a better idea of what kind of portable pitching mound you need from our site. We would be happy to help you decide which mound, platform, or mat is right for you. Contact Us if you have any questions. Remember, free continental US shipping on all products!